Monthly Archives: October 2012

First Snow = Whiskey Cheesecake

First snow of the season here in good ol’ Colorado! Know what I thought the chilly weather needed? Some whiskey cheesecake of course!

This little sucker is a brown sugar cheesecake made with a generous helping of whiskey, a pecan crust, and a hard caramel overlay. Some silky, some crunchy. This lil’ dude knows what’s goin’ down.

Thank you, snow, for letting me relish your coldness so I can go and enjoy Mexico that much more.

Bet you can’t wait for some awesome pictures of confections for Dia de Los Muertos, can you? ‘Cause that’s happening when I get back.

Till then!


Halloween is Here!

Happy Autumn everyone! Fall time is one of my favorites because there is pumpkin and squash everywhere! Cool looking and tasty!

This here is a chocolate pumpkin mousse cake! There is chocolate cake inside and it is surrounded by a fluffy, real pumpkin mousse. Nom nom nom.

If you want to make the decoration on your own, it’s quite simple. Melt some chocolate and then seed it (heat it up, add some unmelted chocolate and stir till melted). This tempers the chocolate so it becomes hard and crunchy.

Create a simple loopy design on a piece of paper and re-draw it multiple times. Cover the paper in wax paper and then finely pipe the chocolate over top. Throw in the fridge for five minutes and walah!

I pulled off each piece and then laid them on top of each other around the cake. you can also stand them around the side to encage it. The fun part of this decoration is that you can make it look like anything you want!

Have fun swirling!