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A Rustic Wedding

It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly personal a wedding can be.

This is a trend that I love that I feel like has cropped up just within the past few weeks. Cotton. Fresh cotton. Who woulda thunk it? It’s perfect too: whimsical, romantic, natural. I’m in love. I’m especially in love when it’s used in bouquets.

And you know I love succulents, so clearly this wedding is a win for me.

This couple is beautiful. How ’bout a barefoot bride? I’m in.

This wedding relies heavily on the setting. In many ways this is super advantageous because it means that they can have simpler decor. No need to go all out when there is a barn right there for your backdrop.

So for this wedding I played off the the dress. There would be a white lace overlay that would lay on the cake draped in a V over the edge of the teir, and following the simple line would be some branches, grapes, and of course (sugar!) cotton. The cake would only be about 13 inches; I think I made it that way because I feel like this couple would have a pretty intimate affair. And probably a lot of pies (just guessing here!). It would feed fifty five people.

For the flavor I’d play off of a blackberry walnut concept. Probably a walnut cake with blackberry cream that had walnut pieces in it for some crunch.

Plum Tree Weddings is a really cute blog that is plum full (pun intended) of really cute personalized weddings, which is where I found this one (and where I’m sure I’ll find many more!)

And the wedding was beautifully photographed by D’Art Photographie.

P.S. I love her dress change.

Soon I’ll be ditching my miniature studio kitchen for the real deal and I can start bringing my designs to reality for you!


A Beach Wedding

I love weddings. The more I look at them, the more I become obsessed. How lucky would I be if I made it in this industry? Very.

This wedding is stunning. It’s centered around a gorgeous blue/green color with hints of pink and the new popular gray.

Gray is in this year. I’m loving the typewriter on the table for guests to leave little notes for the bride and groom. I feel like this wedding is uber elegant without taking it too seriously. For instance, look at the place settings:

It has the lace, the candles, the centerpieces, but the “Bon Appetit” is a nice touch.

For their cake, I designed a two tier frosted cake that has a starfish, sand, baby’s breath, and a few pink flowers (all edible, of course) lining the second tier. I just love the flowers so I couldn’t bring myself to leave them all out:

The cake would be twelve inches tall, and the base layer would be twelve inches wide. It would feed sixty.

I love the suspenders trend too. Though don’t you think the groom is a little warm in that jacket?

Cake flavor I’d like: Pistachio cake with an apricot filling and a vanilla buttercream.

Three Nails Photography was the lovely photographer.

A Blushing Wedding

I think I have to say this right off the bat. I love succulents. Why have I never seen these cute little cacti/flowers ever before? I want to garden but I don’t know how good I’d be at it, so these little suckers are the perfect thing to start with.

And in weddings?! Um. Yes please.

I love them in her bouquet. Especially with the soft pink. And I love her dress.

The cake design takes the frills from her dress and highlights them as bands that go around the cake.

And of course, there’s a succulent.

The fabric is just begging to be frosting-ed. Yes, I did just say that.

I love this wedding. I think it has so much character but is really elegant. And I’m loving the greenery. I think this should be a hot trend now: using a lot of ferns and moss and succulents as the main mix with a few flower accents. Plus, what a great gift! If each guest brought home their own little plant?

I want to know where they got all of this. I want that bathtub in my house, firstly. Secondly this is just too cute. Maybe I should have thrown a few edible gold leaf hearts on the cake.

The size of this one is a ten inch base standing fourteen inches high and would serve around eighty-five people.

I like vanilla cake with fig frosting. I think I’d leave the seeds in too. And the succulent would be marzipan.

This beautiful wedding was featured on Grey Likes Weddings and was photographed by Picotte Weddings (I think their logo is a succulent, how perfect!).

A Rainy Day Wedding

This wedding is just too cute. It’s kind of like a mix between a sophisticated tea party and a little girl’s garden. Hopefully you will soon get what I mean. It’s called “Rainy Day Wedding” because it did rain. Instead of getting all bummed out, the couple played off of it and it became one of the most beautiful things about their day. Which is hard, ’cause it’s pretty beautiful all around.

Teal was one of the main colors. All of the bridesmaids were wearing cute different dresses in slightly different hues of teal. Adorable. And what a way to ensure that your bridesmaid loves her dress.

I considered making the cake teal, but I just kept getting pulled back into the grace of the evening, and I thought that perhaps the teal was present in the wedding, but not a main course. Instead, I stuck with a white cake. The bottom tier would be frosted in subtle wavy lines and the top tier would be tall, piped all around with pearls so it looked like it was wrapped in long chain, and offset to accommodate the luscious, overflowing gum paste flower arrangement.

Because who couldn’t love the eclectic, wild-like flower arrangements?

Doesn’t it just kind of make you feel happy on the inside?

Now just look at the table arrangements:

They also had vintage children’s books as centerpieces. Very playful, but because of the vintage touches it makes it still elegant and very tasteful.

The cake I designed would feed around two hundred and thirty. The base tier would be about twenty-two inches and the cake would stand around twenty inches tall.

I’d be down with an orange cake and a cinnamon/clove filling in the cake, covered with a light vanilla buttercream.

This wedding came from The Wedding Chicks and was photographed by Simply Jessie.

A Woodland Wonderland Wedding

This wedding is very fairy tale like. A woodland wedding thats full of intimate touches, like a handmade altar. Romantic

And I love the flower wreath. That is another of my favorite wedding trends. Maybe in the next few weeks I’ll design a cake just for wreaths.

But back to this wedding. It’s bright, playful, but elegant. I love the lace of the brides dress, yet it still contains the mystical, almost elven grace. (I knew my dorkiness was going to come out here soon).

Their colors are very celebratory. Almost a brighter version of what the “typical” woodland forest wedding would lean toward.

The cake I designed for this couple is a “naked cake”, or a cake that doesn’t have fondant or frosting covering the sides. This is a great option for couples that don’t like a lot of frosting. It also creates a rustic, spontaneous feel. On top would be gum paste flowers, pine cones, and accents that matched the colors of their day.

The cake would be twelve inches around at the base and fourteen inches tall. Don’t be fooled! A naked cake is hard to do. The cake maker would have to cut the layers and frost very evenly, unlike in a real cake, where any lopsided-ness can be made up for, and then hidden under the “topcoat” of frosting. This cake would feed around a hundred.

I didn’t forget to show you her dress!

Flavorings for me would be hazelnut cake with vanilla frosting and a wild strawberry filling (you wouldn’t see the filing from the outside of the cake). Keepin’ it woodland-y.

Look at this kiss:

I found this wedding on Green Wedding Shoes, which has become one of my favorite wedding blogs. Thanks to my lovely sister, who pointed them out to me.

Photography by Shannen Norman Photography.