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I designed this cake not off of a wedding that I fell in love with, but with a dress. I’m sure you have figured out that I adore Etsy. I shop for almost everything there and the other week I ran across this little number from Claire La Faye:

I think it is stunning. It’s one of those dresses that screams personality. It’s elegant, but not too serious, with a modern edge. Here is the close up of the bodice, which is the main feature that I applied to the cake design:

The design doesn’t have lace on it, instead it took a bit more of a simplistic, or minimalist spin off. Each tier would be wrapped in a panel of white chocolate, and “sealed” with piped buttons.

The dress wants some caramel cake with white chocolate frosting. And it can be topped in any number of ways. I see a pair of porcelain birds, but a bundle of gum paste lilies would be nice, or even some paper cranes.


A Lavender Wedding

I love the foliage in this wedding. It took place on a lavender farm, so of course it’s stunning. But really, it’s stunning.

Now you believe me, right?

This is another couple that took an amazing venue and played off of their surroundings. The details they have seem to flawlessly blend in instead of blaring out like some contemporary weddings today. It creates a more whimsical and classically romantic effect, I think. Though both techniques are perfectly fitting for different couples.

Lots of burlap. Lots of wood. And, of course, lots of flowers.

The cake I designed them is three destinct tiers. The top tier has lavender sprigs that reach above the top of the tier. The second tier is plain white. The third tier is folds of soft pink fondant that create a bunched, flowing, almost fabric effect. The bottom tier is twelve inches, the middle ten, the top eight. It would serve around ninety people.

Stickin’ with the theme, I’d make a vanilla cake with a honey lavender buttercream.

The wedding is from Style Me Pretty. Lovingly photographed by Closer to Love Photography.

A Succulent Wedding

Have I mentioned that I love succulents? Good. So I don’t know how these fantastic walls of greenery grow, but I want one in my house:

Do you think that’s possible for me? Look at how in love they are! I love the colors of this wedding: green, grey, turqoise and a majestic red. I don’t think I’ve ever seen these colors come so well together.

Remember when I said that succulents would be a good gift? How ’bout in a can?

I love the pictures of them they stuck in there too. Cute touch.

The cake I designed for them would be two maroon sixteen inch cakes separated by a grey fondant covered dummy cake and sugar paste succulents and feathers. There’d also be a sugar banner on the top of the cake that says “We Did” or maybe their initials. The cake would feed two hundred and eighty.

I love these centerpieces. It’s a DIY project and Green Wedding Shoes (the blog where I found this wedding) actually does tutorials on how to do it yourself.

I think the cake would be coffee flavored with chocolate chunks in the chocolate frosting. I wish I had some of that to nom on right now.

Focus Photography did all the pictures of this lovely couple.