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A Very Hungry Caterpillar

More birthdays! I just love birthdays. This is for my friends’ son’s first birthday and the theme is from one of my favorite books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

And I had a very hungry caterpillar on my hands, indeed. Okay, maybe not a caterpillar but cute enough to be one.

It was a cinnamon cake with buttercream frosting and an edible fondant caterpillar.

I had a lot of fun doing this one! Happy Birthday Hansy!


A Chocolaty Birthday

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Kyle.

This is a dense chocolate cake with a light chocolate frosting and lots o’ little chocolate curls that were made with love. I also really enjoyed spreading chocolate all over my counter. Somehow, it’s very satisfying.

If you are looking for a really good chocolate cake recipe, I found mine at Poires au Chocolat. Her cake is quite beautiful. And she tells you how to make it that beautiful. I have made a whiskey cake like hers is, but I find that instead of making the whiskey simple syrup, drizzling just straight whiskey on the cake has a more awesome (and boozy) effect.

My Loving Grandfather

My Grandpa was a great man. Someone anybody could look up to as a source of strength and inspiration. He was one of Colorado’s senators from 1962 till 1976 and was the founder of the Greenway Foundation, which was and still is responsible for keeping one of Denver’s most beautiful rivers both clean and accessible to the public. Not only did he help turn the Platte River from a running sewer to beautiful place to be, but he also founded the Foundation for Colorado State Parks.

But more than his generous heart, my Grandfather had a happy and warm heart too. His laughter could be heard from any corner of his house and nothing made him happier than to hear the laughter of his kids and grandchildren. We used to stand against a wall in the basement so that he could measure our growing height every few months. The wall was almost illegible because of the numerous penciled charts creeping up. You could always be sure there were ice cream bars in the freezer and gin in the liquor cabinet. And he had the coolest car. I’m sure my memory is skewed, but I definitely remember being proud that my Grandpa drove a batmobile. I remember him best in his swim trunks, standing by the side of the pool skimming out leaves so that we could swim without fear of them sticking to us.

And he is one of my biggest role models for being a spouse. My Grandmother had Parkinson’s and my Grandpa took care of her every day of her entire life. It didn’t matter how hard it was. He was always there. I can only hope that I have the same strength of will and mind and body and love to care for my loved ones the way my Grandfather fiercely took care of all of us.

He is proof that you can do whatever your mind sets itself to and that one person is not too small a number for anything.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa. May you sleep in peace.

Joe Shoemaker

August 13, 1924 – August 13, 2012

Gold Sequins

Do you know what I think we need more of in wedding dresses? Gold sequins. Lots of ’em. I mean, if you are going to dress like a goddess or a princess for a day, you might as well go the whole way and don on lots of golden glitter. This cake is because I like sequins, and I like when brides like sequins.

Take this little number here. This is a real bride. Ya, she wore this down the isle. In fact, her bridesmaids wore white. Now there’s a statement.

You could even go short with it.

Like this one? You can go buy it for your big day right now.

Don’t want to go overkill on the sparkles? Try just a little:

See? This gown still has some white in it if going totally against tradition intimidates you.

Here’s going back to tradition even more. Why not combine lace and gold sequins? Yes, please BHLDN. You definitely know how to make a dress.

So the cake is flashy too. Lots of edible gold beads encircle each tier with some gold piping to boot. Give me some cinnamon cake!

An Aqua Birthday

Happy Birthday to my dear Aunt Rosy. I know. Lots of birthdays in my family recently. I’m not going to complain when I get to make the goods.

This was a chocolate cake with aqua vanilla buttercream. Just what she wanted.

It had sprays of coral pink gum paste gladiolas, yellow baby carnations, and deep aqua blossoms. I made them all ma’self.

Gladiolus symbolize strength of character and moral integrity and are the August birth flower. So I thought they were perfect.

Happy Birthday to my fellow Augusters!

A Tea Party To Remember!

This past week my Great Grandmother turned 95! I know, impressive, right?

Anyway, to celebrate her graceful, elegant, beautiful self, my mom put on a tea party and I baked some goodies.

Awhile ago my sisters and I dug through countless antique stores for a mix-matching of tea cups and saucers. We also found that yellow tea stand in the middle on our hunt.

Along with our tea sandwiches we had shortbread cookies and raspberry mini muffins (shown on the top and second level), as well as blueberry scones and cream puffs (on the bottom). I also made lemon curd for whatever you wanted to slab it on. Which, for me, was everything.

Happy Birthday Grandma!