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Kelsi And Brandon Griffin

My good friends asked me to do their wedding cake. Here it is! I designed and made the entire thing, including the gum-paste roses and billy balls.


An Aqua Birthday

Happy Birthday to my dear Aunt Rosy. I know. Lots of birthdays in my family recently. I’m not going to complain when I get to make the goods.

This was a chocolate cake with aqua vanilla buttercream. Just what she wanted.

It had sprays of coral pink gum paste gladiolas, yellow baby carnations, and deep aqua blossoms. I made them all ma’self.

Gladiolus symbolize strength of character and moral integrity and are the August birth flower. So I thought they were perfect.

Happy Birthday to my fellow Augusters!

Pink Orchids

It’s no wonder that orchids symbolize luxury and fertility: just look at it. One of the most versitile and exotic flowers, orchids are a very popular in weddings. This doesn’t make them common place, however, because there are so many different kinds to choose from. Just to give you an idea, I misplaced the original picture of the orchid I was imitating so I tried to find a similar one, and these were as close as I could get:

In some cultures orchids symbolize genuine affection, and in others they represent mature love. No matter what meaning you’re going for here, the orchid fits.

If you are planning on having orchids as a part of your wedding, make sure you photograph the exact kind you want to give to your cake decorator.

The top picture is of my gum paste orchid. The middle I took myself at the Chicago Conservatory. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend you go if you are in town.


On either side of the center photo is my white sugar carnations. White carnations symbolize sweetness and loveliness which also describes any bride. A great accent flower, the carnation adds volume to bouquets and… you guessed it: cakes!

White Romance

On the right is my white sugar rose made out of gum paste. White roses symbolize young love, innocence and purity and are a beautiful, traditional flower for weddings (especially for cakes).