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Liz and Riley

Ta Da! I’m so excited to show you all the wedding I made the cakes for! My dear friend Liz got married to the sweetest man yesterday and asked me to do the cakes. It was such a treat. Literally.

This guy is vanilla with raspberry buttercream filling.

There were two of these dudes, one of my favorites: chocolate blackberry whiskey.

This one is toffee.

The big guy is lemon honey lavender, which I do believe was the most popular one of the night. Good thing there was the most of it!

Look at their adorable topper! Liz’s dad made it for them. So cute.

Congrats Liz and Riley! I know you’ll live happily ever after!

(p.s. I think I’ll do another post once official pictures come out, I was just so excited, I couldn’t wait.)


A Lavender Wedding

I love the foliage in this wedding. It took place on a lavender farm, so of course it’s stunning. But really, it’s stunning.

Now you believe me, right?

This is another couple that took an amazing venue and played off of their surroundings. The details they have seem to flawlessly blend in instead of blaring out like some contemporary weddings today. It creates a more whimsical and classically romantic effect, I think. Though both techniques are perfectly fitting for different couples.

Lots of burlap. Lots of wood. And, of course, lots of flowers.

The cake I designed them is three destinct tiers. The top tier has lavender sprigs that reach above the top of the tier. The second tier is plain white. The third tier is folds of soft pink fondant that create a bunched, flowing, almost fabric effect. The bottom tier is twelve inches, the middle ten, the top eight. It would serve around ninety people.

Stickin’ with the theme, I’d make a vanilla cake with a honey lavender buttercream.

The wedding is from Style Me Pretty. Lovingly photographed by Closer to Love Photography.