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Kelsi And Brandon Griffin

My good friends asked me to do their wedding cake. Here it is! I designed and made the entire thing, including the gum-paste roses and billy balls.


A Rustic Wedding

It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly personal a wedding can be.

This is a trend that I love that I feel like has cropped up just within the past few weeks. Cotton. Fresh cotton. Who woulda thunk it? It’s perfect too: whimsical, romantic, natural. I’m in love. I’m especially in love when it’s used in bouquets.

And you know I love succulents, so clearly this wedding is a win for me.

This couple is beautiful. How ’bout a barefoot bride? I’m in.

This wedding relies heavily on the setting. In many ways this is super advantageous because it means that they can have simpler decor. No need to go all out when there is a barn right there for your backdrop.

So for this wedding I played off the the dress. There would be a white lace overlay that would lay on the cake draped in a V over the edge of the teir, and following the simple line would be some branches, grapes, and of course (sugar!) cotton. The cake would only be about 13 inches; I think I made it that way because I feel like this couple would have a pretty intimate affair. And probably a lot of pies (just guessing here!). It would feed fifty five people.

For the flavor I’d play off of a blackberry walnut concept. Probably a walnut cake with blackberry cream that had walnut pieces in it for some crunch.

Plum Tree Weddings is a really cute blog that is plum full (pun intended) of really cute personalized weddings, which is where I found this one (and where I’m sure I’ll find many more!)

And the wedding was beautifully photographed by D’Art Photographie.

P.S. I love her dress change.

Soon I’ll be ditching my miniature studio kitchen for the real deal and I can start bringing my designs to reality for you!