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My Gingerbread Cottage


TaDa! All my research had to lead up to something, right? So here is my little gingerbread house.

And here’s the back:


My main elements were clearly the marshmallow snow, mini m’n’ms for the wreath and tree lights, a chocolate chip pathway, candy cane sides, but my favorite is the roof! I made the shingles out of Big Red Wrigley’s gum. I made the tiles round with a melon baller.


I had a lot of fun making this! If you want to do your own, I used the recipe from Sweetopia that was featured in my last post. I was surprised how well the gingerbread kept it’s shape. I definitely recommend it.

If I were to do this over, I’d pay more attention to the seams. If you notice in the photos I posted in my last post, most of the gingerbread wall seams were covered by something decorative, like shell piping, or decorative candies. I not only didn’t think about thickness and seams when deciding on my template, but didn’t hide them once the house was constructed. Tips for the future!

Merry Christmas, all!

I’m going to be taking a brief hiatus, as I am moving to Austin, TX in the next few weeks. I am shocked how much there is to do yet! But never fear, I will be back.


A Country House Wedding

I fell in love with this wedding. I was just browsing Green Wedding Shoes, when up popped this elegant, country wedding. It’s my favorite kind: when the bride and groom are reflected in all the little details.

The bride opted out of a white dress for this creamy brown color, but the event is still fairly traditional.

Look at this gorgeous, yet uber simple setting for the ceremony:

Dreamy. And what is that behind them, you ask? Why, it’s a wall of succulents. The more I hear about how simple it is to grow and take care of these little fellas the more I want a bajillion of them.

For their cake design, I pulled inspiration from a few different sources. One being the beautiful house they had the reception at.

Each tier would be a color from the wedding, with white details that reflect this quirky little house.

I also took some flower ideas from their vintage-looking invitations:

It’s a three tier cake that would serve around ninety people with gum paste flowers.

I’m making the cakes for my friend Liz’s wedding and one of the flavors they have requested I think would be really great here: a lemon honey lavender cake.

I know you want to see the place settings, so here:

I know there are instructions on how to make these doily table runners yourself, somewhere. So pretty.

The Nichols did a beautiful job photographing this lovely day.

An Intimate Country House Wedding

I want to live at this wedding’s venue. Talk about a gorgeous atmosphere, and this couple really used their surroundings to their advantage: not a lot of extra detail was needed.

But please: check out the dress. Yes, it’s traditional white, but it really pulls out the bride’s personality. Hence the cake: fairly simple, playing off of the embellishments on the bride’s gown. The white cake will be a matte white, but the black gold and turquoise drops would shine like the beads on her dress. Partially around each tier is a strand of baby’s breath which is pervasive as little details in the ceremony and reception.

The cake would stand two feet tall, the base layer has a diameter of eight inches and it would serve around eighty people.

Side note that has nothing to do with cake: I love the “photo booth” trend, whether it is in a photo booth or not. Look at this cute idea that adds some quirk to an already quirky hand-out:

So cute.

Flavor choice for this one: a simple light vanilla cake with lavender buttercream.

…and they lived Happily Ever After.

This wedding was beautifully photographed by Jo and Simon of Shoot.

Thank you to Rock My Wedding, who has the full wedding’s album.