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Kelsi And Brandon Griffin

My good friends asked me to do their wedding cake. Here it is! I designed and made the entire thing, including the gum-paste roses and billy balls.


A Rainy Day Wedding

This wedding is just too cute. It’s kind of like a mix between a sophisticated tea party and a little girl’s garden. Hopefully you will soon get what I mean. It’s called “Rainy Day Wedding” because it did rain. Instead of getting all bummed out, the couple played off of it and it became one of the most beautiful things about their day. Which is hard, ’cause it’s pretty beautiful all around.

Teal was one of the main colors. All of the bridesmaids were wearing cute different dresses in slightly different hues of teal. Adorable. And what a way to ensure that your bridesmaid loves her dress.

I considered making the cake teal, but I just kept getting pulled back into the grace of the evening, and I thought that perhaps the teal was present in the wedding, but not a main course. Instead, I stuck with a white cake. The bottom tier would be frosted in subtle wavy lines and the top tier would be tall, piped all around with pearls so it looked like it was wrapped in long chain, and offset to accommodate the luscious, overflowing gum paste flower arrangement.

Because who couldn’t love the eclectic, wild-like flower arrangements?

Doesn’t it just kind of make you feel happy on the inside?

Now just look at the table arrangements:

They also had vintage children’s books as centerpieces. Very playful, but because of the vintage touches it makes it still elegant and very tasteful.

The cake I designed would feed around two hundred and thirty. The base tier would be about twenty-two inches and the cake would stand around twenty inches tall.

I’d be down with an orange cake and a cinnamon/clove filling in the cake, covered with a light vanilla buttercream.

This wedding came from The Wedding Chicks and was photographed by Simply Jessie.