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A Glitzy Wedding

This is an adorable Australian wedding.

I have to admit something to you guys. I love sugar flowers. It is most definitely my favorite thing to make in the pastry world. At least so far. So I wanted to do something WILD. And make a cake that has one tier totally covered in gum paste flowers. TA DA!

The top tier is dedicated to her dress. I know: totally gorgeous.

The second tier is just tons of gum paste tulips covering everything. Yes. I said it.

Definitely am thinkin’ peach cardamom cake.

Thanks, Ruffled!


A Slice of Tree Cakes

Look at what I’ve been working on! I did these tree cakes for a Rotary event this past Saturday. It was held at Arrowhead Golf Club, which is just a beautiful setting.

I handmade the mushrooms and leaves out of fondant. The toadstool mushrooms’ spots I hand piped with royal icing. I also hand piped the tree rings and the bark.

I made nine of these cakes, though I’m only showing one. Each one had it’s own mushrooms and leaves. I did different kinds of leaves, though you can’t see them in this picture. Sorry! I’ll have to do some more.

The cakes were pumpkin with chocolate frosting.


Liz and Riley

Ta Da! I’m so excited to show you all the wedding I made the cakes for! My dear friend Liz got married to the sweetest man yesterday and asked me to do the cakes. It was such a treat. Literally.

This guy is vanilla with raspberry buttercream filling.

There were two of these dudes, one of my favorites: chocolate blackberry whiskey.

This one is toffee.

The big guy is lemon honey lavender, which I do believe was the most popular one of the night. Good thing there was the most of it!

Look at their adorable topper! Liz’s dad made it for them. So cute.

Congrats Liz and Riley! I know you’ll live happily ever after!

(p.s. I think I’ll do another post once official pictures come out, I was just so excited, I couldn’t wait.)

A Very Hungry Caterpillar

More birthdays! I just love birthdays. This is for my friends’ son’s first birthday and the theme is from one of my favorite books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

And I had a very hungry caterpillar on my hands, indeed. Okay, maybe not a caterpillar but cute enough to be one.

It was a cinnamon cake with buttercream frosting and an edible fondant caterpillar.

I had a lot of fun doing this one! Happy Birthday Hansy!

Gold Sequins

Do you know what I think we need more of in wedding dresses? Gold sequins. Lots of ’em. I mean, if you are going to dress like a goddess or a princess for a day, you might as well go the whole way and don on lots of golden glitter. This cake is because I like sequins, and I like when brides like sequins.

Take this little number here. This is a real bride. Ya, she wore this down the isle. In fact, her bridesmaids wore white. Now there’s a statement.

You could even go short with it.

Like this one? You can go buy it for your big day right now.

Don’t want to go overkill on the sparkles? Try just a little:

See? This gown still has some white in it if going totally against tradition intimidates you.

Here’s going back to tradition even more. Why not combine lace and gold sequins? Yes, please BHLDN. You definitely know how to make a dress.

So the cake is flashy too. Lots of edible gold beads encircle each tier with some gold piping to boot. Give me some cinnamon cake!

An Aqua Birthday

Happy Birthday to my dear Aunt Rosy. I know. Lots of birthdays in my family recently. I’m not going to complain when I get to make the goods.

This was a chocolate cake with aqua vanilla buttercream. Just what she wanted.

It had sprays of coral pink gum paste gladiolas, yellow baby carnations, and deep aqua blossoms. I made them all ma’self.

Gladiolus symbolize strength of character and moral integrity and are the August birth flower. So I thought they were perfect.

Happy Birthday to my fellow Augusters!

A Yarn-y Wedding

Okay, okay. Yarny isn’t a word. But if it was a word, I’d be using it right now. Because this wedding is, indeed, yarny.

For example, observe the backdrop for the ceremony:

So cool. And very DIY. I don’t know what it is that this couple likes about yarn, but I think that it is super symbolic anyway. This is their “tying” ceremony.

I love this other way yarn is tied in (oh, there’s my horrible puns again). They sent their wedding rings down a long strand of yarn through their friends and family so that each person could touch and bless them before the couple put them on.

And if the rings are being passed down the yarn line, there’s no chance they’ll get lost in the grass! So smart.

Yarn was even in the little details, like his boutonniere, and some of the decorations:

So I went with it. Their cake feeds about a hundred and has sugar “yarn” wrapped around the tiers, first in tight strands and loosening as it goes down.

I think this is an awesome example of bridesmaids wearing different colors that goes terribly right. They look so good together!

The cake, I think, would be a peach cardamom.

Thanks again, Green Wedding Shoes. And props Tyler Branch Photo.