A Yarn-y Wedding

Okay, okay. Yarny isn’t a word. But if it was a word, I’d be using it right now. Because this wedding is, indeed, yarny.

For example, observe the backdrop for the ceremony:

So cool. And very DIY. I don’t know what it is that this couple likes about yarn, but I think that it is super symbolic anyway. This is their “tying” ceremony.

I love this other way yarn is tied in (oh, there’s my horrible puns again). They sent their wedding rings down a long strand of yarn through their friends and family so that each person could touch and bless them before the couple put them on.

And if the rings are being passed down the yarn line, there’s no chance they’ll get lost in the grass! So smart.

Yarn was even in the little details, like his boutonniere, and some of the decorations:

So I went with it. Their cake feeds about a hundred and has sugar “yarn” wrapped around the tiers, first in tight strands and loosening as it goes down.

I think this is an awesome example of bridesmaids wearing different colors that goes terribly right. They look so good together!

The cake, I think, would be a peach cardamom.

Thanks again, Green Wedding Shoes. And props Tyler Branch Photo.


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