A Woodland Wonderland Wedding

This wedding is very fairy tale like. A woodland wedding thats full of intimate touches, like a handmade altar. Romantic

And I love the flower wreath. That is another of my favorite wedding trends. Maybe in the next few weeks I’ll design a cake just for wreaths.

But back to this wedding. It’s bright, playful, but elegant. I love the lace of the brides dress, yet it still contains the mystical, almost elven grace. (I knew my dorkiness was going to come out here soon).

Their colors are very celebratory. Almost a brighter version of what the “typical” woodland forest wedding would lean toward.

The cake I designed for this couple is a “naked cake”, or a cake that doesn’t have fondant or frosting covering the sides. This is a great option for couples that don’t like a lot of frosting. It also creates a rustic, spontaneous feel. On top would be gum paste flowers, pine cones, and accents that matched the colors of their day.

The cake would be twelve inches around at the base and fourteen inches tall. Don’t be fooled! A naked cake is hard to do. The cake maker would have to cut the layers and frost very evenly, unlike in a real cake, where any lopsided-ness can be made up for, and then hidden under the “topcoat” of frosting. This cake would feed around a hundred.

I didn’t forget to show you her dress!

Flavorings for me would be hazelnut cake with vanilla frosting and a wild strawberry filling (you wouldn’t see the filing from the outside of the cake). Keepin’ it woodland-y.

Look at this kiss:

I found this wedding on Green Wedding Shoes, which has become one of my favorite wedding blogs. Thanks to my lovely sister, who pointed them out to me.

Photography by Shannen Norman Photography.


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