A Patterned Wedding

I’m excited, guys! Etsy has started their own collection of gorgeous weddings! Who is better to do that than Etsy?

This wedding post is in honor of such a delightful new source of funky big days. This wedding is a bold statement. Brightly colored, fanciful patterns, there is no limit to the amount of fun going down here.

Adorable right? The bride, believe it or not, is on the right! No white dress for this lady. I love bold brides like this, she’s dressing in her own flavor–all the way–yet she still stands out.

The fresh flavor doesn’t end there though. The colorful chaos extends to every tiny detail of their day. Look at their cute table settings (they were catered by a taco cart, love that idea!):

The cake embodies the day, I think. Lots of textures, lots of colors, all layered together. The cake stands seventeen inches tall (serves about a hundred and forty people) and is layered with colorful fondant frills, lace, tassels, fringe, and pleats. Topped with some gum paste “paper” flowers.

I love how full of personality this wedding is! They deserve a cake that is as nonconforming as they are.

That’s why my flavor choice would be a roasted pineapple cake with cinnamon frosting. Nom.

Beautiful photos compliments of Structured Pieces.


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