A Lake Front Wedding

I let my boyfriend pick a wedding this time and he went straight for the blog Style Me Pretty. I’m not sure if this is a blog he follows regularly, or how, exactly he knew of it, as my boyfriend isn’t exactly the type that follows wedding blogs but… moving on.

In the end, I’ll still give him props for good taste. He never runs out of that. Just look at how stunning and cleanly elegant the tables look:

It’s got some personality, but stays pretty classy. I’m lovin’ it. There’s tons of little details that add just a bit of spunk to a light, bright day. What I took most of my inspiration from was the sign above, the boats below, and the beautiful blue of the bridesmaids dresses.

Cute place settings, right? The cake would be, in all, twenty inches tall and eleven inches wide at the base. It would serve around a hundred and fifty people. The outside would be blue buttercream and the bottom tier lined in chocolate (modeled to look like real sticks) that would extend above the tier’s top. On top would be two little canoes holding between them a banner with the bride and groom’s name or “Happily Ever After”, or something else entirely but just as cute.

I am also loving this new infatuation with baby’s breath. We all knew it was a great accent flower, but bundled by itself is fresh and spontaneous.

I think I would go with a vanilla cake and white chocolate mousse filling.

Thank you to Yazy jo for the beautiful photography (you should check out this website, very impressive). And of course go to Syle Me Pretty for more details on this beautiful wedding.


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