Deana and Hans: A Modern Twist

My friends Deana asked me to design a cake for their wedding since they never had one! No cake at a wedding?! Gasp. But never fear. A fantasy cake will do. And who knows, maybe around their anniversary I will be bored.

What struck me about this lovely couple’s loving day was the fun mix of the very classic and the modern. They got married in Las Vegas, a very glitzy town, but the local they picked is very elegant. Color scheme leans toward classic white black and red with those luscious red roses. Just look at her dress, lace to veil: all mod and class.

So that’s what I was going for in their cake. It’s a smaller cake: eight inch diameter and ten inches tall. It would serve around 45. But I went with white fondant with intricate white hand-piping and a larger spray of gum paste red roses on the top. Elegance, class, but infused with the modern taste of taller tiers and simple designs. The piping and fondant calls on the huge, intricate cakes of the past.

A happy couple deserves a happy cake!

And I knew you might ask… flavor? Well, of course it’s Hans, so I’m thinking I’m going to have to go with a Stranahan’s whiskey chocolate cake with a lightly infused vanilla chocolate ganache.

Now that’s a romance.

Thanks, Deana!


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