An Intimate Country House Wedding

I want to live at this wedding’s venue. Talk about a gorgeous atmosphere, and this couple really used their surroundings to their advantage: not a lot of extra detail was needed.

But please: check out the dress. Yes, it’s traditional white, but it really pulls out the bride’s personality. Hence the cake: fairly simple, playing off of the embellishments on the bride’s gown. The white cake will be a matte white, but the black gold and turquoise drops would shine like the beads on her dress. Partially around each tier is a strand of baby’s breath which is pervasive as little details in the ceremony and reception.

The cake would stand two feet tall, the base layer has a diameter of eight inches and it would serve around eighty people.

Side note that has nothing to do with cake: I love the “photo booth” trend, whether it is in a photo booth or not. Look at this cute idea that adds some quirk to an already quirky hand-out:

So cute.

Flavor choice for this one: a simple light vanilla cake with lavender buttercream.

…and they lived Happily Ever After.

This wedding was beautifully photographed by Jo and Simon of Shoot.

Thank you to Rock My Wedding, who has the full wedding’s album.


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