A Bright Backyard Wedding

I thought this wedding was uniquely beautiful. I loved how happy the couple was! Until I found out that it was just an idea board for a backyard wedding. Good actors. Anyway, I bet if it was a real wedding, the couple would look just as happy; who could help it with all the bright colors around?

The wedding is whimsical, fun, and unique, which stands out in every little detail from their dress, to the tablecloth, to the dish-ware and place settings. Since the wedding is already full of so many details, I wanted the cake to pop but blend in instead of adding another element. This cake is therefore a simple, 8″, one tiered cake (I thought a wedding like this would have a dessert bar, so I made the cake smaller to save room for all the other delicious offerings). Since the display is not classic, I don’t want to go for the classic fondant; instead the outside would be covered in white buttercream with yellow buttercream splotches that match the tablecloth.

The flowers would be gum paste fuchsia daisies (like in the picture below) and bright blue forget-me-nots with large grey feathers to match. The cake would serve around 24. But of course, if there’s a dessert table, not all of your guests are going to go for the cake.

How ’bout a Meyer lemon cake with fresh raspberry filling?

Thanks to Tinywater Blog for the beautiful set-up. I don’t usually do weddings that aren’t “real”, but this one was too cute to pass up.


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