A Top Hat Wedding.

I ran across this beautiful wedding on the wedding blog Ruffled. It originally caught my eye because it was held in my home state: colorful Colorado. But what a unique and beautiful wedding it turned out to be.

Ruffled described it as a vintage 1920s wedding, but I couldn’t help but think it was leaning to Victorian Steam Punk. Am I wrong?

Either way, the most striking feature of this lovely couple’s lovely day, was their portrait together (above). Her tiered skirt, reminiscent of the ballet, mixed with the lines and edges of his suit tails and hat created a striking photo. And I thought to myself: what a striking cake that would make.

I designed this three tiered cake to mimic the playfulness, yet sophistication of the event, clearly playing off of the dress. The ruffled layers would be edged in the goldy yellow of the bridesmaid dresses, and the top tier would reflect the popping purple of the groom.

This cake would be made entirely edible and would serve approximately 85 people. The photographer of the wedding is obviously amazing: thank you Erik Clausen!

And flavor? A walnut cake with chocolate frosting sounds just enough classic with just enough quirk.


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