Birdcage Veils

This cake is inspired by a fashion trend that I love for weddings: the birdcage veil. Simple yet elegant and mysteriously sultry, the birdcage veil is a nice alternative to the long flowing veil for brides that want to both stick to a cute tradition and break out with a quirky twist. Etsy has a phenominal collection of beautiful handmade and vintage veils, which is where I found both of these (Top: Twigs and Honey, Bottomt: Percy Handmade)

The vision of this cake is a soft blush-colored cake that has been hand piped with a birdcage veil of its own. My vision is a few carefully crafted sugar anemones (black and white), but it would be stunning with whatever flower the bride has picked out herself. Maybe some Peonies?

The drawing is to scale. The bottom tier would be twelve inches around, nine and six going up, and each tier would be six inches tall. A wedding cake this size would serve around a hundred and five people.

Flavor? If it was up to me, I’m thinkin’ I would love some lemon cake with rose hip buttercream.


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