Cakes I Adore Part 3

Hello all. Last week I was in Mexico for the colorful Dia de Los Muertos. Very fun, very relaxing. I was in Cancun, however, so the festivities were a little sparser than some of the other big cities like Oaxaca. That’s okay though, I still find it a very unique celebration. I might even start up a little version of it myself. And, if you’re lucky, I’ll bake up some traditional bread that was on almost every altar I saw. I know: you’re excited.

But onto the cakes, you say! I can’t agree more.

Today I want to talk about Jim Smeal. Why, you ask? Because his piping blows my mind! That’s why. See the paisley?!

That’s right. That’s paisley that’s not messin’ around! Fresh couples today sometimes overlook the more elegant option of piping for the simplistic fondant stripes and shapes. Don’t get me wrong, here. I’m clearly not bashing gum paste or fondant, as I obviously adore gum paste flowers. But Jim Smeal takes the more (dare I say it?) traditional form of elaborate, all white, hand piped wedding cakes and throws in a modern spin. Good work; I like it. I like it a lot.

And if tiny, delicate paisley doesn’t float your boat, that’s cool. How ’bout this:

Don’t lie now. Your mind was just blown too. Hand piped tree. Hand piped leaves. Hand piped gorgeousness. I would kill for a job with this guy.

I wish I could have found you all a picture of his hand piped dahlia cakes, but alas. I could not. Instead, do yourself a favor and click on the link and go experience the wonder for yourself (picture 37 aught to do the trick). Ooh yes, and did I mention that everything above was hand piped?

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  1. Cheryl Shoemaker | Reply

    Amazing talent!

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