My Gingerbread Cottage


TaDa! All my research had to lead up to something, right? So here is my little gingerbread house.

And here’s the back:


My main elements were clearly the marshmallow snow, mini m’n’ms for the wreath and tree lights, a chocolate chip pathway, candy cane sides, but my favorite is the roof! I made the shingles out of Big Red Wrigley’s gum. I made the tiles round with a melon baller.


I had a lot of fun making this! If you want to do your own, I used the recipe from Sweetopia that was featured in my last post. I was surprised how well the gingerbread kept it’s shape. I definitely recommend it.

If I were to do this over, I’d pay more attention to the seams. If you notice in the photos I posted in my last post, most of the gingerbread wall seams were covered by something decorative, like shell piping, or decorative candies. I not only didn’t think about thickness and seams when deciding on my template, but didn’t hide them once the house was constructed. Tips for the future!

Merry Christmas, all!

I’m going to be taking a brief hiatus, as I am moving to Austin, TX in the next few weeks. I am shocked how much there is to do yet! But never fear, I will be back.

Gingerbread House Time!

Hello all of my lovely holiday people. I have been collecting an array of gingerbread house ideas to create one of my own, and I thought I’d pop on to share all the cute little yummy looking dwellings.


First, I’d like to share this adorable pink gingerbread house. I love the idea of the rock candy trees. This sweet little thing gets the honorary first spot because the blog it’s from Sweetopia has awesome instructions to make your own gingerbread and royal icing and she even has templates! My kind of woman.


Love the piping!



I definitely want to attempt a castle… just maybe not as a first try.



I love the curly roof.

And just an idea. What if you had a winter wedding? Hows about a gingerbread house wedding cake?! Yes. I did just say it.


1. Sweetopia

2. Martha Stewart

3. King Arthur Flour

4. …er… some help?

5. Donna Rorabaugh

6. Country Living

7. Better Homes


For my lovely friend Melissa’s birthday, I was given the challenge of making a zombie cake. Challenge accepted. I was really excited to get to sculpt severed body parts out of fondant, which is slightly ironic, because I have no stomach for gore or scary movies. Hm.

So I started with hands.

Then I moved on to some feet.

..and then I realized. Severed limbs doesn’t really scream “zombie!” does it?

And a pit of dread hit my stomach. I was going to have to sculpt some heads… This was going to be a challenge. It took a little bit but head one appeared:

But something had to be eating everything else, right?!

For a first attempt at people, I think it’s pretty good! Even if their eyes are either missing or sown shut…

To finish everything else off, I molded a headstone and dusted everything in a fine crust of cocoa powder.

She loves German Chocolate Cake so I made a hybrid with a vanilla cake doused in rum syrup with toasted coconut and pecan ganache.

Nom nom nom.

Rustic Cake Stands

I just found a shop on Etsy that I love. It’s called the rustic wedding shop. I could just tell you what they do, but instead I’ll show you.

and if you are looking for something even more simplistic and earthy, why not just go for a plain ol’ tree stump?

I just think these stands are the cutest touch to a woodland wedding (which are one of my favorite kinds) and why use them for just cake?! You could use them for the bar, for centerpieces, for the gift table. It’s quite endless, I think.

Hey look! I found you an example! Thanks, Style Me Pretty, for being awesome.

Cakes I Adore Part 3

Hello all. Last week I was in Mexico for the colorful Dia de Los Muertos. Very fun, very relaxing. I was in Cancun, however, so the festivities were a little sparser than some of the other big cities like Oaxaca. That’s okay though, I still find it a very unique celebration. I might even start up a little version of it myself. And, if you’re lucky, I’ll bake up some traditional bread that was on almost every altar I saw. I know: you’re excited.

But onto the cakes, you say! I can’t agree more.

Today I want to talk about Jim Smeal. Why, you ask? Because his piping blows my mind! That’s why. See the paisley?!

That’s right. That’s paisley that’s not messin’ around! Fresh couples today sometimes overlook the more elegant option of piping for the simplistic fondant stripes and shapes. Don’t get me wrong, here. I’m clearly not bashing gum paste or fondant, as I obviously adore gum paste flowers. But Jim Smeal takes the more (dare I say it?) traditional form of elaborate, all white, hand piped wedding cakes and throws in a modern spin. Good work; I like it. I like it a lot.

And if tiny, delicate paisley doesn’t float your boat, that’s cool. How ’bout this:

Don’t lie now. Your mind was just blown too. Hand piped tree. Hand piped leaves. Hand piped gorgeousness. I would kill for a job with this guy.

I wish I could have found you all a picture of his hand piped dahlia cakes, but alas. I could not. Instead, do yourself a favor and click on the link and go experience the wonder for yourself (picture 37 aught to do the trick). Ooh yes, and did I mention that everything above was hand piped?

First Snow = Whiskey Cheesecake

First snow of the season here in good ol’ Colorado! Know what I thought the chilly weather needed? Some whiskey cheesecake of course!

This little sucker is a brown sugar cheesecake made with a generous helping of whiskey, a pecan crust, and a hard caramel overlay. Some silky, some crunchy. This lil’ dude knows what’s goin’ down.

Thank you, snow, for letting me relish your coldness so I can go and enjoy Mexico that much more.

Bet you can’t wait for some awesome pictures of confections for Dia de Los Muertos, can you? ‘Cause that’s happening when I get back.

Till then!

Halloween is Here!

Happy Autumn everyone! Fall time is one of my favorites because there is pumpkin and squash everywhere! Cool looking and tasty!

This here is a chocolate pumpkin mousse cake! There is chocolate cake inside and it is surrounded by a fluffy, real pumpkin mousse. Nom nom nom.

If you want to make the decoration on your own, it’s quite simple. Melt some chocolate and then seed it (heat it up, add some unmelted chocolate and stir till melted). This tempers the chocolate so it becomes hard and crunchy.

Create a simple loopy design on a piece of paper and re-draw it multiple times. Cover the paper in wax paper and then finely pipe the chocolate over top. Throw in the fridge for five minutes and walah!

I pulled off each piece and then laid them on top of each other around the cake. you can also stand them around the side to encage it. The fun part of this decoration is that you can make it look like anything you want!

Have fun swirling!

A Glitzy Wedding

This is an adorable Australian wedding.

I have to admit something to you guys. I love sugar flowers. It is most definitely my favorite thing to make in the pastry world. At least so far. So I wanted to do something WILD. And make a cake that has one tier totally covered in gum paste flowers. TA DA!

The top tier is dedicated to her dress. I know: totally gorgeous.

The second tier is just tons of gum paste tulips covering everything. Yes. I said it.

Definitely am thinkin’ peach cardamom cake.

Thanks, Ruffled!

A Slice of Tree Cakes

Look at what I’ve been working on! I did these tree cakes for a Rotary event this past Saturday. It was held at Arrowhead Golf Club, which is just a beautiful setting.

I handmade the mushrooms and leaves out of fondant. The toadstool mushrooms’ spots I hand piped with royal icing. I also hand piped the tree rings and the bark.

I made nine of these cakes, though I’m only showing one. Each one had it’s own mushrooms and leaves. I did different kinds of leaves, though you can’t see them in this picture. Sorry! I’ll have to do some more.

The cakes were pumpkin with chocolate frosting.


Liz and Riley

Ta Da! I’m so excited to show you all the wedding I made the cakes for! My dear friend Liz got married to the sweetest man yesterday and asked me to do the cakes. It was such a treat. Literally.

This guy is vanilla with raspberry buttercream filling.

There were two of these dudes, one of my favorites: chocolate blackberry whiskey.

This one is toffee.

The big guy is lemon honey lavender, which I do believe was the most popular one of the night. Good thing there was the most of it!

Look at their adorable topper! Liz’s dad made it for them. So cute.

Congrats Liz and Riley! I know you’ll live happily ever after!

(p.s. I think I’ll do another post once official pictures come out, I was just so excited, I couldn’t wait.)


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